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Mr. Isaac Gendelman – Holocaust Survivor Interview

Mr. Gendelman escaped his town and fought the Nazis as part of the resistance. He escaped his town and survived by hiding in the woods and joining the partisans and resistance fighters. His story is similar to that of the movie Defiance.
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Dr. Alfred Munzer – Holocaust Survivor Interview

Dr. Munzer’s family was originally from Poland and moved to the Hague in the Netherlands before his birth. Once the Nazis invaded, the decision was made that the family would be split up and hidden with different families. Dr. Munzer was hidden with an Indonesian family in the Netherlands when he was only nine months old. His mother was the sole survivor from his family and, after going through 12 different concentration camps, they were reunited after the war.
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Mr. Henry Greenbaum – Holocaust Survivor Interview

Mr. Greenbaum survived some of the worst situations during the holocaust including life in the ghetto and imprisonment in one of the most notorious concentration camps – Auschwitz. He was shot in the back of the head while trying to escape one camp and lived to tell his story.
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Premiere of our Film at B’nai Israel Congregation

We were so lucky to have close to one hundred people show up for the premiere of our film at B’nai Israel Conregation in Rockville, Maryland on Sunday February 13th. The film put all three interviews together from Dr. Alfred Munzer, Mr. Isaac Gendelman, and Mr. Henry Greenbaum. They shared their stories with us and now we are sharing them with the world. The survivors and their families mixed with the students, community members as well as synagogue and Talmud Torah leadership in an event that we will always remember. We even had media coverage from the Washington Jewish Week.

Thanks to Shmulik Almany and Geoff Chesman for their photos from the event.